Woolston Eyes News

Black Necked Grebe updates

10th Aug. BNG a single bird was noted which will soon be migrating south

3rd Aug. BNG at least 4 juvenile birds were still present today

6th Jul. BNG 10 Adults seen, each feeding one of 10 juvenile birds, 1 from south screen, 5 from John Morgan hide, 1 from Linley Hide & 3 from Rotary Hide No3 bed

2nd Jul. BNG at least 8 large juvenile birds were noted today No3 bed

15th Jun, BNG count in the morning was 22 adults and 8 or 9 broods visible No3 bed

12th Jun. BNG broods now confirmed as minimum of six on No3 bed.

10th Jun. BNG another two pairs with young from John Morgan hide No3 bed early this morning

5 Jun. BNG first feeding of young on parents backs for the year, to watch the feeding click on the link to David Bowman’s video opposite and fast forward to 1min 27secs click here…………

4 Jun. BNG first reported fledged brood from the South Screen No3 bed.

29 Apr. BNG first nest building of year observed.

19 Apr. BNG count is now very probably 26 individuals.

17 Apr. BNG count at its highest for several years with at least 25 individuals present.

14 Apr. BNG count hits 24 individuals

11 Apr. BNG count now 21.

5 Apr. BNG count now 17 this morning.

3 Apr. BNG count possibly now 15 birds.

31 Mar. BNG count now minimum of 14, 5 on northwest pool, 2 from Lindly Hide, 4 from Morgan Hide and 3 from Tower Hide.

28 Mar. BNG count reached 23 today.

26 Mar. BNG count reached 7 today.

24 Mar. BNG tally reaches 5 today in WEBs count

19 Mar. First 3 BNG dropped in overnight and were very active during the day.